BP Monitoring

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is the gold standard investigation to determine whether or not a patient truly has hypertension, how serious it is and also how good control of blood pressure is in treated individuals. It is unquestionably the single most reliable guide to prognosis that is easily available and is a non-invasive test which is easy to organise and perform without causing inconvenience to patients.

Prof. Lobo undertakes 24 hour ABPM on nearly all patients at some stage to assist in the diagnosis and management of their hypertension. This is done using state of the art equipment from Spacelabs which is compact, near silent and provides a wealth of BP data in a single 24 hour study which Prof. Lobo is able to review with his patients and helps to plan their management.

Novel technology for ABPM

Prof. Lobo has started to use the HealthStats BPro device for BP monitoring. This small wristwatch-like device is much more comfortable to wear than a standard BP cuff and monitor and does not disturb sleep. Patients report that they are not even aware that they are wearing it.

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