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Prof. Melvin Lobo

Clinical Hypertension Specialist of the European Society of Hypertension

Prof. Melvin Lobo

Prof. Lobo is the Director of the internationally renowned Bart’s Blood Pressure Clinic which has been recognised as a Hypertension Centre of Excellence by the European Society of Hypertension and receives referrals of complex hypertensive patients on a national and international basis. The clinic is allied to the world renowned William Harvey Research Institute and has participated in several landmark studies in hypertension. These include the ground-breaking ASCOT study which led to a change in UK Hypertension guidelines as well as the Symplicity HTN-2 study of renal denervation for treatment-resistant hypertension 1,2 and most recently the ROX Control Hypertension Study of a novel central iliac arteriovenous anastomosis to treat uncontrolled hypertension3.

Since October 2011 he has co-hosted and chaired the annual UK Symposia on Renal Denervation at the Royal College of Physicians with a distinguished panel of international authorities in hypertension medicine and interventionists.

Prof. Lobo is a member of the Joint British Societies steering committee on renal denervation and author of the JBS Consensus Statements on Renal Denervation4,5. He has lectured and published extensively on hypertension and novel therapies of resistant hypertension6.

Research Excellence

Prof. Lobo has developed three major research themes in thee Barts Blood Pressure Clinic which he leads on.

  1. Device therapy of Hypertension.

    As Chief or Principal investigator of numerous studies in the field of resistant hypertension, Prof. Lobo continues to strive to bring new therapies to the hypertension clinic which are safe and effective


  2. Phenotyping of complex hypertension

    Prof. Lobo has set up an autonomic and cardiovascular haemodynamic laboratory to study the role of sympathetic nervous signalling in hypertension and circulatory regulation

  3. Multi-drug intolerant patients

    A further major interest of his group is in the management of patients with multiple drug intolerances who are unable to take conventional antihypertensive medications and thus pose a real challenge to clinicians. Exciting preliminary data from this cohort of patients indicates that a stratified medicines approach using fractional tablet dosing, liquid antihypertensives and patch formulations of antihypertensive drugs can achieve significant BP lowering in this high risk patient group .


Prof. Lobo has been awarded a £400 000 grant (from the Barts and The London Charitable Foundation) to study the effects of renal denervation on blood pressure and autonomic function in patients with chronic kidney disease and patients who are intolerant of anti-hypertensive medications.

Teaching Excellence

Prof. Lobo is a highly regarded medical educator and teacher as evidenced by a number of teaching prizes and invitations to teach on prestigious courses as well as speaker engagements at key national and international conferences.

Teaching prizes

  • 2012

  • William Harvey Research Institute Prize for Teaching Excellence
  • NHS Teachers Award
  • 2011

  • William Harvey Research Institute Prize for Teaching Excellence

Taught Courses

  • 02/2013, 02/2014, 02/2015

  • Resistant Hypertension Course Berlin, Germany

Recent Invited lectures

  • 12/06/2015

  • European Society of Hypertension- Workshop on Multidrug intolerant hypertension
  • 26/06/2014

  • Innovations in Hypertension , London, UK – Medical strategies for resistant hypertension
  • 20/05/2014

  • EuroPCR Paris, France – Non renal targets for hypertension therapy
  • 02/05/2014

  • UK Kidney Week Glasgow, UK – Overview of device therapy of Hypertension
  • 20/01/2014

  • ISET Conference Miami, Florida – Newer technologies for Renal Denervation
  • 02/12/2013

  • ICI Meeting Tel Aviv, Israel – Renal Denervation Update
  • 09/09/2013

  • BHS Meeting London, UK – Device Management of Hypertension
  • 01/09/2013

  • ESC Congress Amsterdam, Netherlands – Developing consensus on renal denervation


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